Here's how it all began...

In September 1985 during a vacation at Venice Beach, near Los Angeles, I was captivated - not by one of those highly original street artists populating the area around Santa Monica, but by a vision I saw on the enormous sidewalk along the beach.An "incredible four-legged humanoid" was coming towards me and, standing on a skateboard, it was following its owner on roller skates. I ran towards the two and shouted: "WOW, fabulous!", and the boy pointed his finger at the dog following him and exclaimed, "Yeah! It's an AM STAF, an ALL-AMERICAN DOG!".
So I met my first American Staffordshire Terrier.
I'll never forget how it looked at me, nor its expression: straight in the eye, friendly, loyal, intelligent and proud. The dog had never laid eyes on me before but it was delighted to see me!
Now, more than twenty years after that first encounter, with growing passion, knowledge and experience - and the FCI name "DE PACO X-Z" - I am persevering with the one and only dog of my life: the AmStaf!
I have built my own basic breeding stock to work on selection, carefully obtaining the finest studs from registrations that can be verified in the United States at the American Kennel Club, such as my Bitches Foundation: Schaller's April April of X-Pert and Schaller's Cash on Delivery of Pecan (breeders: R. Lacis & H. Schaller), Fraja NE Cinnamon Twist and Fraja NE Raging Moon (breeders: Dwayne & Lydia Castagna) and, also from the US, the champion stud One Stone Sonny De Paco. Thanks to the advices of the great old-timer John "Mr.Legend" McCartney, breeder and handler, founder and curator of the original Fraja EC' line. Before I started "producing puppies", I waited eleven years - the time it took to study this breed.

In 1994 I went to New York State to meet one of the founding fathers of the breed, Clifford Ormsby, and his wife Alberta (X-pert Kennels founded in 1930).

I will be eternally grateful to this couple - both nearly ninety years old at the time (they passed away in 1996 and 2001, respectively) - for having taught me about the spirit of the AmStaf breed. I remember what Cliff used to love to say to breeders who visited him: "If you want to be a breeder, act as a breeder". And in reference to the "True AmStaf ", he would say: "Once you have the head, everything else follows". And "Bert" - Mrs. Ormsby, the first breeder - judge, would add that "White feet are tight feet".

Other major contemporary breeders to whom I owe a great deal and who had an influence on my breeding program are Richard Pascoe of the "White Rock" kennel, Hendrix Harper of "Tonkawa's", Fred Sindelar of "Sindelar's", my mentor Bill Peterson of "Willynwood's, Wayne D. Brown of "Brown's Tacoma", and my good friend Mrs. Gigi Sager of "Rowdytown's".

Mr. Wilfred T. "Bill" Brandon deserves most of the credit for the American Staffordshire Terrier having A.K.C. recognition. He was the principal player in forging a breed standard.
Thanks a zillion Mr. Brandon

" Share your knowledge it is a way to achieve immortality in the breed."


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The immortals

The Fifty Greatest Am Stafs of All Time:

  1. Ch. De Paco X-Z Hollywood Dream
  2. Ch. Patton's Red Rock Skillet
  3. Ch. De Paco X-Z Hollywood GoldBolt
  4. Ch. Fraja E.C. Winning Ticket
  5. Ch. Sindelar's Touch O' Class Orion
  6. Ch. Willynwood Bluebonnet Lady
  7. Ch. Rowdytown Hardrock Cafè
  8. Ch. X-Pert Buzzy Zanoia
  9. Ch. Tryarr Diamondback RedBolt
  10. Ch. Knight Bomber
  11. Ch. Doyle's Tacoma All-A-Blaze
  12. Ch. De Paco X-Z Red Rascal
  13. Ch. Jones' Gay One Roxie
  14. Ch. X-Pert Rowdy Rascal
  15. Ch. Gallant Ruff
  16. Ormsby's Madge
  17. Ch. Knight Crusader
  18. Ch. One Stone Sonny De Paco
  19. Ch. Sky King of Har-Wyn
  20. Ch. Rounder's Top Sergeant
  21. Ch. Patton's Pagan Piglet Laws
  22. Ch. Ruffian Red Rock of Har-Wyn
  23. Ch. X-Pert Brindle Biff
  24. Ch. Tacoma Frivolous Sal
  25. Ch. Ruffian Headlight Hal
  26. Ch. Sligo McCarthy
  27. Ch. Hume's Texas Jack
  28. Ch. Nugent's Spanky of Our Gang
  29. Ch. Mari-Don Kirkee Battery
  30. Ch. Kirkee's Polar Bear O' Fraja
  31. Ch. R.& D. Pretty Boy Floyd
  32. Ch. Sultan's Wild Card
  33. Ch. Fraja E.C. Ruff Rider
  34. Ch. Tonkawa's Big Tex
  35. Ch. Patton's Red Rocket
  36. Ch. De Paco X-Z Gold Number
  37. Ch. White Rock Perry The Fridge
  38. Ch. X-Pert Gallant Betty
  39. Ch. Willynwood Redneck
  40. Ch. Magnolia's Prince of Thieves
  41. Ch. Herring's Beau Jangles
  42. Ch. Doyle's Tacoma Flambeau
  43. Ch. Sindelar's Heide Ho
  44. Ch. Lylane Princess Amber
  45. Ch. Benmar's Macho of Roadhouse
  46. Ch. Raging Moon Fire and Ice
  47. Ch. De Paco X-Z Wild Belle Bolt
  48. Ch. Rowdytown Q' Bello Nino
  49. Ch. De Paco X-Z Buster Rascal
  50. Ch. Patton's White Rock Penny