The main Am Staf winners of the dog shows in the last years are real "Flatcatchers". They are very flashy Am Stafs that mask the defects with their spectacularness. Consequently they have, necks too long when, our breed should have neck of medium length, straight shoulders when our breed does not require it and flat toplines; when they should have a slight sloping from withers to rump with gentle short slope at rump to base of low set tail. Why the hyper-rear angulations and extravagant movements are fashionable in the today Am Staf’s dog shows?! These “Flatcacher’s Am Stafs” are dogs that wins more with the spectacularity than with the true and well-deserved qualities required by the Standard. Anyway, take a look at a really good one: Grand Champion CH De Paco XZ Sindelar Buddy O’ Dickies, “Buddy”...

I Nostri Am Staf Nascono, Crescono e diventano Campioni Alimentati con MAORI