The movement of am staf in the coming years

I feel compelled to write to President Trump also to solve the growing problem in the rings of dog show in America and all over the the world... In fact, as few of us know, type and balance are of great importance and size should be kept in line with the Standard, and "showmanship is of some importance", but the real test for Am Staf is - the proper Terrier movement. German Shep is another breed. I have been in this breed all my life and have had the pleasure of knowing and listening some of the great breeders all over the world as Clifford Ormsby, Hendrix Harper, Dick Pascoe, Fred Sindelar, Bill Peterson - just to name a few. The opinion of these and many more of the greats was always the same, is that one written above. So I'm sure don't be delirious in denouncing the wrong path taken in recent years by new judges and breeders: today, the movement of most of the winners of the Am Staf's dog show is completely wrong! LET'S GET BACK TO THE BASICS OF BALANCE AND MOVEMENT AS WRITTEN BY THE OLD EXPERTS' AM STAF BREEDERS. Let the ignorant and the politicians out of the dog world and forget all this exaggeration before its to late, because its never too late to save "The Grand Old Breed".