Winning is easy, breeding not so much.

Every newcomer coming into our breed is mezmerized by large and showy individuals. After a while and exposure to more dogs, they can find the faults in a dog but it will take years, or it may never happen, that they will be able to appreciate the True Am Staf.
Only a educated breeder with natural talent is capable of choosing breeding material to be included in their program to effectively help the breed and preserve the characteristics called for in The Standard. They will succeed by prioritizing the virtues and considering shortcomings in the light of the merits the individual posesses to pass on to the next generation regardless of their faults (that any imbecil could see). Based on the wisdom handed to me by the best breeders ever, I conclude that the perfect dog doesn't exist, had never existed and will never be born.
Therefore we are not able to use flawless dogs instead of flawed ones, but only dogs who carry their imperfections well while posessing quality and type of the breed only a few in the world can boast. Hence, successful breeding- sounds easy, but it's not! - Paco Zanoia