Bloodline and strain

“the concept of "family" includes a group of individuals derived from a couple of common ancestors until the 10th degree of lineage, in other words it means bringing together 5 generations. Then we will talk about bloodline or “bloodstream”, with the lineage of a male reproducer until the fifth generation and still beyond. " - Franco Bonetti

The Character in Modern Am Staf

Jumping Am Staff

In 1956, W. T. Bill Brandon in his first book on the Breed of Cliff Ormsby quoted the following character description - the same which almost twenty years ago he used as the presentation in the American Kennel Club for the typical character of this very particular Terrier - in order to request the official recognition.

All Americans!

Does a dog look like its master? This very common expression usually doesn't harm anyone - except the dog. For my breed of American Staffordshire Terriers (Am Staf), even more than for other breeds, it's crucial that the person who selects the dog in the first place, and later the owners, should be both qualified and experienced. So in this respect it's fundamental that the training for this particular breed of dog should take place be broad and serious.